Along Definition

ə-lông, ə-lŏng
On or beside the length of; over or throughout the length of.
We hiked along the trail; along the driveway there is a hedge.
Webster's New World
On a line or course parallel and close to; continuously beside.
Rowed along the shore; the trees along the avenue.
American Heritage
In the course of.
Along the way.
Webster's New World
In conformity with.
To think along certain lines.
Webster's New World
Along is defined as to be next to, or to abut something.
An example of along is when bookcases are hung from one end of the wall to the other.
In a line; lengthwise.
Webster's New World
Progressively forward or onward.
He walked along by himself.
Webster's New World
As company.
Bring your friend along.
American Heritage
As a companion.
Come along with us.
Webster's New World
In accompaniment or association; together.
Packed an atlas along with other books.
American Heritage
Along, when prefaced by the word “get,” is defined as to be pleasant with someone else.
An example of “getting along” would be when two people are not arguing.

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Origin of Along

  • Middle English from Old English andlang extending opposite and- facing ant- in Indo-European roots lang long long1

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle English, from Old English andlang from prefix and- + lang (“long”).

    From Wiktionary


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