Alone Definition

Being apart from others; solitary.
American Heritage
Apart from anything or anyone else.
The hut stood alone on the prairie.
Webster's New World
Being without anyone or anything else; only.
American Heritage
Without involving any other person.
To walk alone.
Webster's New World
Considered separately from all others of the same class.
American Heritage
Without others.
Sang alone while the choir listened.
American Heritage
Without help.
Carried the suitcases alone.
American Heritage
Exclusively; only.
The burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone.
American Heritage
By one's self; apart from, or exclusive of, others; solo.
She walked home alone.
Without outside help.
The job was to hard for me to do alone.

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Origin of Alone

  • From Middle English al one (“alone”, literally “all one”), contracted from the Old English phrase eall āna (“entirely alone, solitary, single”), equivalent to al- (“all”) +‎ one. Cognate with Scots allane (“alone”). Compare also West Frisian allinne (“alone”), Dutch alleen (“alone”), German allein (“alone”), Danish alene (“alone”). More at all, one.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English al all all one one one

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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