Sentence Examples

  • The birth control patch, sold under the brand name Ortho Evra, is made by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. It contains progestin and estrogen, which are the same hormones found in birth control pills.
  • Most women decide to use permanent contraception to avoid the continuous use of temporary options, which often carry side effects and risks related to synthetic hormones like estrogen and progestin.
  • Monophasic pills don't change the levels of progestin and estrogen that you receive throughout the course of a month, except for during the use of the placebo pills at the end of each packet.
  • Biphasic oral contraceptives use a constant amount of estrogen during the full cycle, but the amount of progestin is lower during the first half of the cycle and increases in the second half.
  • From these glands come a flood of sex hormones-androgen and testosterone in the male, estrogen and progestin in the female-that regulate the growth and function of the sex organs.