Sentence Examples

  • Killer Arm Work-Out, Biceps and Triceps: This video is for advanced bodybuilders, but if you like the style of the video, you can check the YouTuber's website at for a lower-level workout.
  • Muscle groups exercised by push ups include your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, hands and forearms, your entire back, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.
  • If you split your strength training routine into multiple days, you may wish to work legs, back, and biceps on one day, and chest, shoulders, and triceps on another.
  • Women who don't love their upper arms or those who wish their triceps would jiggle a bit less will enjoy the comfort and confidence that a dress with sleeves offers.
  • If you pursue a regular weight training routine, then chances are you use your triceps to lift weights, even when you aren't performing specific triceps exercises.