Sentence Examples

  • It was a great horseshoe crab--the first one I had ever seen.
  • The magnet between the poles of which the rectangular signal coil moves is built up of a number of thin flat horseshoe-shaped permanent magnets of a special quality of steel, and is provided with adjustable pole pieces.
  • All the arches are pointed and slightly horseshoe, preceding therefore by about two and a half centuries the introduction of the pointed arch into Europe.
  • Spottiswoode married Rachel, daughter of David Lindsay, bishop of Ross, and besides a daughter left two sons, Sir John Spottiswoode of Dairsie in Fife, and Sir Robert, president of ' To each of his comrades in this journey Spotswood presented a small golden horseshoe, lettered "Sic juvat transcendere montes."
  • On the heavy horseshoe foot is a column carrying the stage.