Sentence Examples

  • The prizes were sporting guns made by Mr Pape and presented by him to the promoters of the show.
  • Pointers are employed to mark game for guns, and are especially' useful in low cover such as that afforded by turnip fields.
  • The Somali are a fighting race and all go armed with spear, shield and short sword (and guns when they can get them).
  • But the buccaneers or pirates who had made their retreat here offered heavy opposition; in 1680 there was an attack by the Spaniards, and in July 1703 the French and Spaniards made a descent on New Providence, blew up the fort, spiked the guns, burnt the church and carried off the governor, with the principal inhabitants, to Havana.
  • On principle an ordu would have with it 30 batteries of field artillery, 3 batteries of horse artillery and 3 batteries of mountain artillery, or in all 36 batteries with 216 guns, all batteries being 6 guns strong.