Warrior-s-code meaning

A code of conduct that defines what warriors can and cannot do if they wish to continue to be regarded as warriors, rather than murderers or cowards. For the warrior who adheres to such an informal code or to more formal rules of engagement, certain actions are unthinkable, even in the most dire or extreme circumstances.Within a decade of the introduction of firearms to Japan in 1543, the Japanese were arguably the best gun makers in the world, and there were more guns per capita in Japan than in any other country in the world.The warrior code of the Samurai, however, viewed the use of guns in warfare as dishonorable. Centuries of tradition demanded that Samurai warriors engage in elaborate rituals prior to combat, which was conducted man-to-man and hand-to-hand between gentleman warriors. Under pressure from the Samurai, the Emperor of Japan gradually reduced the number of authorized gun factories to zero and, over time, subsequently reduced the number of gun repair shops to zero. By the time that Commodore Perry visited in the 1840s, there was not a single gun left in Japan, which left the Japanese at a decided disadvantage against the superior weaponry of the Europeans. See also Geneva Convention and rules of engagement.