Sentence Examples

  • It seems hardly better than a caput mortuum, out of relation to the original faith or the original facts that are held to have given it birth.
  • Okehampton (Oakmanton) was bestowed by William the Conqueror on Baldwin de Brioniis, and became the caput of the barony of Okehampton.
  • On the conquest of the district by the Normans under Fitz Hamon, Cardiff became the caput of the seigniory of Glamorgan, and the castle the residence of its lords.
  • Norman, Terebratulina caput-serpentis L., Terebratula (Gwynia) capsules Jeff., Magellania (Macandrevia) cranium Mull.,M.
  • Young Oxenstjerna, haughty and violent, claimed, by right of birth and rank, to be caput legationis.