Acquire Definition

acquired, acquires, acquiring
acquired, acquires, acquiring
To gain possession of.
Acquire 100 shares of stock.
American Heritage
To get or gain by one's own efforts or actions.
To acquire an education.
Webster's New World
To get by one's own efforts.
Acquire proficiency in math.
American Heritage
To come to have as one's own; get possession of.
To acquire certain traits.
Webster's New World
To gain through experience; come by.
Acquired a growing dislike of television sitcoms.
American Heritage

Origin of Acquire

  • Middle English acquere from Old French aquerre from Latin acquīrere to add to ad- ad- quaerere to seek, get

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle English aqueren, from Old French aquerre, from Latin adquaerere; ad + quaerere. See quest.

    From Wiktionary


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