Surrender Definition

surrendered, surrendering, surrenders
surrendered, surrendering, surrenders
To give up possession of or power over; yield to another on demand or compulsion.
Webster's New World
To give up claim to; give over or yield, esp. voluntarily, as in favor of another.
Webster's New World
To give in (to)
To surrender to temptation.
Webster's New World
To give up or abandon.
Surrendering all hope.
Webster's New World
To give oneself up to another's power or control, esp. as a prisoner.
Webster's New World
The act of surrendering, yielding, or giving up, over, or in.
Webster's New World
The voluntary abandonment of a policy by an insured person in return for a cash payment (surrender value), thus freeing the company of liability.
Webster's New World
The yielding of the possession of an estate to a party with a reversion or remainder interest in the estate, or of a lease to a landlord, prior to the term's expiration.
American Heritage
Delivery into the possession of another, such as vacating of property by the tenant before the lease has terminated so that the landlord may consider termination to have occurred; the giving up of a claim or a right; yielding to the control or power of another; the return of an estate to the one who has a reversion so as to merge the estate into a larger one.
Webster's New World Law

The yielding or delivery of a possession in response to a demand.


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Origin of Surrender

  • Middle English surrenderen from Old French surrendre sur- sur- rendre to deliver render

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Anglo-Norman, representing Old French surrendre, from sur- + rendre "˜render'.

    From Wiktionary

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