Sentence Examples

  • Yet another critic questioned how officers who work undercover can show their faces on a reality program and go back to their jobs safely.
  • They may also wish to consider what other products the vendors offer to consolidate shipping; buyers may want to pick up some aspirin from or condoms from Undercover Condoms when they place an order.
  • She does a lot of the same work as Murillo - surveillance, undercover and "sweeps" in which her team attempts to make several arrests for different kinds of criminal behavior in one day.
  • The plot is murky, involving a trade dispute, blockades, Jedi undercover, and an underlying story - just begun in this film - of a sinister force gathering power in hiding.
  • The rebels he was working with have vanished into the Badlands with a Federation undercover operative onboard, and Janeway has been assigned to track them down.