Sentence Examples

  • Kagan's observations of these children over time indicated that these characteristic profiles tended to continue, although the display of temperamental tendencies varied in accordance with the child's developmental level.
  • Some approaches to the study of temperament emphasize traits; that is, they assume that temperamental qualities can be rated as persisting within individuals across time in a variety of situations.
  • Easy children: About 40 percent of the NYLS sample displayed a temperamental profile marked by regularity, ease of approach to new stimuli, adaptability to change, mild to moderate mood intensity, and a generally positive mood.
  • In fact, that's all they do: make that temperamental high-maintenance wine that either drives oenophiles into paroxysms of gushing giddiness or sinks them into sulking, despairing funks of ennui.
  • All I know is that he's temperamental, and you'd better stay away from him.