Sentence Examples

  • In their place, mothers find an ill-tempered, irritable creature, or a sickly fairy child or even an object like a log of wood.
  • Rolfe is incredibly ill-tempered and foul-mouthed as his on-screen video game fanatic.
  • He had impoverished Carlisle, and in his new see, according to Burnet (who calls him "a sour ill-tempered man"), "minded chiefly the enriching of his family."
  • Turned his attention at once to the reformation of the higher clergy, and, in spite of the warnings of Catherine of Siena, so angered the cardinals by his harsh and ill-tempered measures that they assembled at Anagni in July 1378, and revoked his election, in which they declared they had acted under fear of violence.
  • Had Queen Victoria died without issue, this prince, who was arrogant, ill-tempered and rash, would have become king of Great Britain; and, as nothing but mischief could have resulted from this, the young queen's life became very precious in the sight of her people.