Sentence Examples

  • The successful novelist, who is living comfortably with his fussy butler, decided to contemplate marriage.
  • Longer hair came back into vogue in the 1940s. 1950s hairstyles saw the rise, literally, of bouffants, beehive hairdos and other fussy styles that had to be sculpted and sprayed into submission on a regular basis.
  • Dates: These jackets are perfect for a romantic date, particularly a first date because they show that you care about your appearance (and took the time to dress for this date), but are not so fussy that you can't relax and play.
  • When it's not straight and not curly, it can be hard to make hair work, but there are a number of good wavy hair styles ideas out there, both retro and modern, and they don't all involve messy hair or fussy blow drying.
  • I'm not that fussy about his coming there to get it.