Sentence Examples

  • I harp (multiplied quant.
  • Among the ruder or savage tribes they possess but one form; but the ingenuity of man has devised many inventions to increase his comforts; he has varied and multiplied the characters and kinds of domestic animals for the same purpose, and hence the various breeds of horses, cattle and dogs.
  • Hence_li y ` A 1n where A li and A li, are minors of the complete determinant (a11a22...ann)� an1 ant ���an,n-1 or, in words, y i is the quotient of the determinant obtained by erasing the i th column by that obtained by erasing the n th column, multiplied by (-r)i+n.
  • And similar records might be multiplied almost to any extent.
  • The sum of the corresponding numbers multiplied by 332600 gives Log.