Sentence Examples

  • When Both The Numbers Are Large, We Split Up One Of Them, Preferably The Multiplier, Into Separate Portions.
  • (Iv) To Multiply By 7, 8, 9, Ii Or 12, Treat The Multiplier As 10 3, 10 2, Io I, 10 1 Or 10 2; And Similarly For 13, 17, 18, 19, &C.
  • The two systems of logarithms for which extensive tables have been calculated are the Napierian, or hyperbolic, or natural system, of which the base is e, and the Briggian, or decimal, or common system, of which the base is io; and we see that the logarithms in the latter system may be deduced from those in the former by multiplication by the constant multiplier /loge io, which is called the modulus of the common system of logarithms.
  • If the distance between the disks could be made infinitely small each time, then the multiplier r would be 2, and the charge would be doubled each time.
  • It has been already mentioned that Schweigger invented in 1820 the " multiplier," and Nobili in 1825 the astatic galvanometer.