Sentence Examples

  • There are different reasons for this, including the need to keep company with people who can supply this drug as well as a subconscious psychological need to somehow make the deviant behavior acceptable by peers.
  • It is also influenced by the child's temperament and irritability, cognitive ability, the level of involvement with deviant peers, exposure to violence, and deficit of cooperative problem-solving skills.
  • Deviant Art: The great thing about using a design from Deviant Art is the possibility of scoring a unique, beautifully-drawn image while providing valuable exposure to an up and coming artist.
  • Boot camps and wilderness programs help troubled teens in different ways so depending on your teenager's issues, one may be more effective than the other is in changing deviant behavior.
  • With the team building activities they do, they will learn to trust people they don't know well and understand that they don't need to be deviant to gain acceptance by others.