Sentence Examples

  • An Anomalistic year is the time (365 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, 48 seconds) in which the earth (and similarly for any other planet) passes from perihelion to perihelion, or from any given value of the anomaly to the same again.
  • Kugler 7 that the various periods underlying their lunar predictions were identical with those heretofore believed to have been independently arrived at by Hipparchus, who accordingly must be held to have borrowed from Chaldaea the lengths of the synodic, sidereal, anomalistic and draconitic months.
  • The anomalistic revolution of a planet or other heavenly body is the revolution between two consecutive passages through the pericentre.
  • If the pericentre is fixed, this is an actual revolution; but if it moves the anomalistic revolution is greater or less than a complete circumference.
  • The terms synodical, sidereal, tropical, anomalistic, nodical, are applied respectively to these months, of which the lengths are as follow: - N This diagram is a key to some of the features reproduced in the photograph.