Sentence Examples

  • But fortune now brought Bonaparte to blight those hopes.
  • Though the hopes of the husbandmen were not unfrequently disappointed by the blight of the south wind.
  • The people came to subsist almost entirely on potatoes and herrings; and in 1846, when the potato blight began its ravages, nearly universal destitution ensued - embracing, over the islands generally, 70% of the inhabitants.
  • The " woolly aphis," " American blight," or " larch blight " (Eriosoma laricis) often attacks the trees in close valleys, but rarely spreads much unless other unhealthy conditions are present.
  • "At first, I think it was knowing he was a black sheep like me.  My sister always treated me like I was a blight on the family name.  She tried to help me in her own way, I guess, which was better than what Rhyn's brothers did to him.  I wanted to believe he could make it in the Immortal world, because if he could, I could, too," she started.