Sentence Examples

  • The surrounding country is a sterile and gloomy wilderness exposed to the cold and blighting blasts of the Sierra.
  • Spring sets in with remarkable rapidity and charm at the end of April; but in the second half of May come the " icy saints' days," so blighting that it is impossible to cultivate the apple or pear.
  • His attention having been drawn to the blighting of the young shoots of fruit-trees, which was commonly attributed to the ants found upon them, he was the first to find the Aphides that really do the mischief; and, upon searching into the history of their generation, he observed the young within the bodies of their parents.
  • "the rugged path I Where she once saw that horseman toil, with brief I And blighting hope, who with the news of death I Struck body and soul as with a mortal blight" (blighting, condemned by Rossetti, is cancelled in the Bodleian MS.).