Sentence Examples

  • Of dova, "I will"), like the Greek 6a, is prefixed without change to all persons of the verb: a similar usage in Servian and Bulgarian, as well as in Rumanian (especially the Macedonian dialect), is peculiar to these languages in the Slavonic and Latin groups.
  • The verb presents a variety of conjugations, expressing nearly all the moods and tenses of the Greek.
  • Other meanings of plant are derived from the verb to plant (Lat.
  • The verb "to quill" is to fold lace, muslin or other light material into narrow flutes or pleats; when so pleated the material is called "quilling."
  • It is a language of the isolating class, in which every word is a monosyllable, and may be employed either as a noun or as a verb according to its context and its position in a sentence.

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