Sentence Examples

  • The verb presents a variety of conjugations, expressing nearly all the moods and tenses of the Greek.
  • The verb "to quill" is to fold lace, muslin or other light material into narrow flutes or pleats; when so pleated the material is called "quilling."
  • It is a language of the isolating class, in which every word is a monosyllable, and may be employed either as a noun or as a verb according to its context and its position in a sentence.
  • The main grammatical distinction between Syriac and all the west Aramaic dialects is that in Syriac the 3rd person of the imperfect (singular and plural) of the verb begins with n, but in west Aramaic, as in the other Semitic languages, it begins with y.
  • The Syriac verb is remarkable for having entirely lost the original passive forms, such as in Arabic can be formed in every conjugation and in Hebrew are represented by the Pual and Hophal.

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