Sentence Examples

  • The explanation of the difference of focus upon the two sides as due to unequal spacing was verified by Cornu upon gratings purposely constructed with an increasing interval.
  • In this the tongue of the relay is kept over to the spacing side by means of a current flowing in one direction, but on the depression of the signalling key the current is reversed, moving the relay tongue over to the marking side.
  • The clear, noble spacing of the surface work is well shown by a group of offerings and inscribed titles (Plate III.
  • Beyond the XIIth Dynasty estimates must again be vague rhe spacing of the years on the Palermo stone has given rise to some calculations for the early dynasties.
  • The spacing, or distance from centre to centre of the floor beams, will depend upon the type of fire-proof flooring employed; it also depends to a considerable extent upon the amount and character of the floor load and the length of span.