Sentence Examples

  • To create a Golden Ratio symmetry design for your fireplace mantle using candles, you'll need to place the same configuration of number, order of height, color of candles and spacing of the arrangement on both sides of the mantle.
  • Some behaviors like WIDTH and HEIGHT are obvious, but you can also control DIRECTION, BEHAVIOR, SCROLLDELAY (how long to pause between each rotation of text) and more (including the general items like font, color, and spacing).
  • For example, you can use style sheets to define things like how all list items will be displayed, the margins and padding for all headers, or the font and line spacing for text within various blocks content.
  • The explanation of the difference of focus upon the two sides as due to unequal spacing was verified by Cornu upon gratings purposely constructed with an increasing interval.
  • In this the tongue of the relay is kept over to the spacing side by means of a current flowing in one direction, but on the depression of the signalling key the current is reversed, moving the relay tongue over to the marking side.