Sentence Examples

  • The figure of Artemis on the vase shown in Greek Art, fig.
  • Such embroideries are indicated by painting on the statues from the Acropolis and are often shown on vase paintings.
  • A vase decorated with these simple or complex canes is produced by embedding short lengths of the cane on the surface of a mass of molten glass and blowing and fashioning the mass into the required shape.
  • A modern glassblower, when making an amphora-shaped vase, finishes the base first, fixes an iron rod to the finished base with a seal of glass, severs the vase from the blowing iron, and finishes the mouth, whilst he holds the vase by the iron attached to its base.
  • Having blown the body of the vase, he finished the mouth and neck part, and fixed a small, probably hollow, copper rod inside the finished neck by pressing the neck upon the rod (Plate I.

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