Sentence Examples

  • Aristotle held that the vas or active intelligence alone is immortal.
  • Cd, Vas deferens.
  • Portion of which the ova or spermatozoa are developed, the lower portion serving as an oviduct or vas deferens; the female generative organs open at the middle of the body, the male close to the posterior extremity into the terminal portion of the alimentary canal; from this cloaca a diverticulum is given off in which are developed one to three chitinous spicules that subserve the function of copulation.
  • This vas the first and ominous sign of a coming change.
  • The typical structure of the vascular cylinder of the adult primary stem in the Gyrnnosperms and Dicotyledons is, like that of the higher ferns, a hollow cylinder of vas- Structure of cular tissue enclosing a central parenchymatous pith.

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