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  • Generalstabsbureau fir Kriegsgesch.), Osterreichs Kampfe 1866 (Vienna, 1867; French translation, Les Luttes d'Autriche, Brussels, 1867); Friedjung, Der Kampf urn die Vorherrschaft in Deutschld.
  • 100,109, and Prolegomena), regarding the Anthesteria as primarily a festival of all souls, the object of which was the expulsion of ancestral ghosts by means of placation, explains lrLOoe'yca as the feast of the opening of the graves (irieos meaning a large urn used for burial purposes), x6€s as the day of libations, and XuTpoc as the day of the grave-holes (not "pots," which is xbTpat), in point of time really anterior to the ir.Oociyia.
  • Thus, to take a classic example, the name of the famous king Nebuchadrezzar occurs written in the following different manners: - (a) Na-bi-urn-ku-du-ur-ri-u-su-ur,(b)AK-DU u-su-ur, (c) AK-ku-dur-ri-Shes, and (d) PA-GAR-DU-Shes, from which we are permitted to conclude that PA or AK (with the determinative for deity AN) = Na-bi-um or Nebo, that GAR-DU or DU alone = kudurri, and that Shes = u.
  • The samovar, or urn for boiling the water, is always much in evidence.
  • In 1905 gold mining recommenced in Nubia, in the district of Urn Nabardi, which is in the desert, about midway between Wadi Halfa and Abu Hamed.

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