Sentence Examples

  • His relations towards the unorthodox caliph Nur-ed-din were marked by extraordinary tact.
  • Other edicts of an earlier or later date forbade the unorthodox to hold assemblies in the towns, enjoined the surrender of all churches to the catholic bishops, and overthrew the heathen temples "throughout the whole world."
  • About the beginning of the 17th century he became a preacher among a sect called the "Seekers," and appears to have held unorthodox opinions about the divinity of Jesus Christ.
  • It was a menace to his empire on the south, the occasional ally of the Franks and the home of the unorthodox caliphs.
  • Here too we have the first sure trace of an expurgated recension, made with the idea of recovering the genuine form assumed, as earlier by Epiphanius, to lie behind an unorthodox recension of Clement's narrative.