Sentence Examples

  • We may take X =6 X I o' 5 cms.,, u - I =0.0003; whence from (21) we obtain as the distance x, equal to I/h, which light must travel in order to undergo alteration in the ratio e : 1, x=4 4XIo 13 Xn (22) The completion of the calculation requires a knowledge of the value of n, the number of molecules in unit volume under standard conditions, which, according to Avogadro's law, is the same for all gases.
  • Fleas are oviparous, and undergo a very complete metamorphosis.
  • Criminal appeals usually go straight to the criminal section, while civil appeals are generally taken before the Chambre des Requtes, where they undergo a preliminary examination.
  • The Territorial Army and its reserve (members of which undergo two short periods of training) are, however, allocated to local service.
  • If educated at home, the child (after two years of the compulsory period has expired) must undergo a yearly examination, and if it is unsatisfactory the parents will be compelled to send him to a public or private school.

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