Sentence Examples

  • He wore a glowing talisman on a leather chain around his neck.
  • "This is for the underworld, and this you will know when to use," Darkyn said.  He handed the shapeshifter a pouch identical to the one he'd given the other shapeshifting demon and a small talisman on a chain.
  • The cell block fell silent.  Even Jared looked at him in surprise.  Rhyn took the talisman dangling from the demon's hand and pressed it against the wall of the cell holding Gabe.
  • Ully returned a couple of minutes later.  He strode to Toby's cell and dangled the talisman before it.  Toby's door opened.
  • Rhyn opened the door, surprised to find the jailer's room empty.  He'd expected Jared at least.  He closed the door quietly behind him.  He snatched the talisman hanging near the door, the one that freed inmates from their cells.  He ignored the quickening of his pulse as he entered the familiar cell block.

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