Sentence Examples

  • Jaguars occasionally stray into Arizona from Mexico.
  • Of this period we have only a few fragmentary anecdotes and a stray reference or two.
  • Beginning with the throwing together of a few stray thoughts and quotations linked by a community of subject, the author by degrees acquires more and more certainty of hand, until he produces such masterpieces of apparent desultoriness and real unity as the essay "Sur des vers de Virgile."
  • But a stray bullet struck the king, and the Abyssinians decided to retire.
  • It is probable that it still lingers in the wastes of Kirwan in eastern Persia, whence examples may occasionally stray northward to those of Turkestan, 2 even near the Lower Oxus; but the assertion, often repeated, as to its former occurrence in Baluchistan or Sind seems to rest on testimony too slender for acceptance.

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