Sentence Examples

  • 18): And ye priests, take ye the keys of the sanctuary, And cast them into the height of heaven, And give them to the Lord and say: `Guard Thine own house; for lo we are found unfaithful stewards,' " are given in various accounts of the fall of Jerusalem.
  • The shire court for Lincolnshire was held at Lincoln every forty days, the lords of the manor attending with their stewards, or in their absence the reeve and four men of the vill.
  • The earls of Shrewsbury are still earls of Waterford, and retain the right to carry the white staff as hereditary stewards, but the palatinate jurisdiction over Wexford was taken away by Henry VIII.
  • The peasant got rid of a hateful drudgery which not only took up his time and means in an unprofitable manner, but placed him under the rough control and the arbitrary discipline of stewards or reeves and gave occasion to all sorts of fines and extortions.
  • The Lord's Supper, baptism, the burial of the dead and service in church hours were not to be conducted by the preachers unless a majority of the trustees, stewards and leaders of any chapel approved, and assured the conference that no separation was likely to ensue.

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