Sentence Examples

  • This partition is termed the specification of the separation.
  • These steps may be traced in the gradual specification of the term.
  • 2 And the movement of disjunction as truly has a place in the scientific specification of a concept in all its differences as the linking of lower to higher in syllogism.
  • And take therein the coefficient of the function (mi t tm7t t m 31 t ...), we obtain the same result as if we formed the separation function in regard to the specification (m� It t'tm2 32tm"`l3t...), multiplied by Alt!!
  • Bock, however, in 1880 (Bergand hiittenmannische Zeitung, 1880, p. 411) described a process used at the North German Refinery in Hamburg for the refining of gold containing platinum with a small proportion of silver, lead or bismuth, and a subsequent patent specification (1896) and a paper by Wohlwill (Zeus.