Sentence Examples

  • He is even solicitous to show that his point of view is that of the cultivated gentleman and not of the specialist of any order.
  • He was an able man, with a special talent for finance, free from all taint of personal corruption, and sincerely solicitous for the honour of Athens, but enslaved to popularity, and without principles of policy.
  • Nor were they so solicitous, as it is pretended, to conceal from the authorities what they did and said in their liturgical meetings.
  • Neper being solicitous to know farther of him concerning this matter, he could give no other account of it than that it was by proportional numbers.
  • On these grounds it was actually laid down as a rule for a man solicitous for his spiritual welfare to pass the last two of the four stages ((anima) of his life in such conditions of renunciation and self-restraint.