Sentence Examples

  • He is even solicitous to show that his point of view is that of the cultivated gentleman and not of the specialist of any order.
  • He was an able man, with a special talent for finance, free from all taint of personal corruption, and sincerely solicitous for the honour of Athens, but enslaved to popularity, and without principles of policy.
  • Nor were they so solicitous, as it is pretended, to conceal from the authorities what they did and said in their liturgical meetings.
  • Neper being solicitous to know farther of him concerning this matter, he could give no other account of it than that it was by proportional numbers.
  • Deeply convinced of the importance of education for the young, Calvin and his coadjutors were solicitous to establish schools throughout the city, and to enforce on parents the sending of their children to them; and as he had no faith in education apart from religious training, he drew up a catechism of Christian doctrine which the children had to learn whilst they were receiving secular instruction.