Sentence Examples

  • They also melt frankincense as a depilatory, and smear their hands with a paste into the composition of which frankincense enters, for the purpose of communicating to them an attractive perfume.
  • A widow must shave her head, smear her body with black and the exudations of the corpse, and wear mourning for a long time.
  • 19 sqq., we read " that the masmasu (priest's magician) is to pass forth to the gateway, sacrifice a sheep in the palace portal, and to smear the threshold and posts of the palace gateway right 'and left with the blood of the lamb."
  • Shirts of the natives of the poorer classes, and is, when very dark, the color of mourning; therefore, women at funerals, and generall after a death, smear themselves with it.
  • The women alone put on mourning attire, by dyeing their veils, shirts, &c., dark blue, with indigo; and they stain their hands, and smear the walls, with the same color.