Sentence Examples

  • Home remedies for poison ivy are mostly thought of as odd paste concoctions you smear on the skin; however, many oral medicines such as these can give you the same positive effects without the hassle and mess.
  • They also melt frankincense as a depilatory, and smear their hands with a paste into the composition of which frankincense enters, for the purpose of communicating to them an attractive perfume.
  • Unctio, anointing, ungere, unguere, to smear with ointment, to anoint; cf.
  • A widow must shave her head, smear her body with black and the exudations of the corpse, and wear mourning for a long time.
  • For war the natives smear themselves in grotesque fashion with lime or ochres, and in some parts hold in their teeth against the chin a face-like mask, supposed to strike terror into the foe, against whom they advance warily (if not timidly), yelling and blowing their war-trumpets.