Sentence Examples

  • The sincerity in his voice brought tears to her eyes.
  • Not only did pupils flock to Tosa from many quarters, attracted alike by the novelty of Itagaki's doctrines, by his eloquence and by his transparent sincerity, but also similar schools sprang up among the former vassals of other fiefs, who saw themselves excluded from the government.
  • The uprightness and sincerity of his character won the friendship of many to whom his philosophy was repugnant.
  • She smiled and said with the utmost sincerity, "I love it."
  • The Order of the Red Eagle, the second of the Prussian orders, was founded originally as the Order of Sincerity (L'Ordre de la Sincerit y) in 1705 by George William, hereditary prince of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

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