Sentence Examples

  • His treatment of Aratus and Philopoemen, the heroes of the Achaean League, and of Cleomenes of Sparta, its most constant enemy, is perhaps open to severer criticism.
  • A severer and more exclusive type of monasticism succeeded this primitive one, but apart from the separation of the sexes the general character never entirely changed.
  • Hardly was the affair of Caroli settled, when new and severer trials came upon the Genevan Reformers.
  • Or again Xenophon says "one would not err in thinking that this city is placed near the centre of Greece - nay, of the civilized world - because, the farther removed persons are from it, the severer is the cold or heat they meet with" (Vectigal.
  • These prisoners do not seem to have felt any of the severer pangs of hunger, for they were not tempted to eat their candles.

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