Sentence Examples

  • It took two full revolutions before he saw it, a mortal gateway that pulsed brighter than the others, beckoning him.
  • Hungary and its Revolutions, with a Memoir of Louis Kossuth (Bohn, 18 54); Horvath, 25 Jahre aus der Geschichte Ungarns,1823-1848 (Leipzig,1867);Maurice, Revolutions of 1848-1849; W.H.Stiles, Austria in 1848-1849,(New York, 1852); Szemere, Politische Charakterskizzen: III.
  • The total number of revolutions is read off by a scale attached to the side of the box, but not seen in the figure.
  • For this purpose it is only necessary to direct the telescope to some distant object, bisect that object with the movable wire, and read the number of revolutions and parts of a revolution of the screw; now reverse the micrometer box 180° and repeat the observation; the mean of the two readings will be the point required.
  • D is the drum-head which gives the fraction of a revolution, d that which gives the whole number of revolutions, I is the index or pointer at which both drums are read.

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