Sentence Examples

  • To the careful restorations of the last named the buildings of Ravenna owe much.
  • Yet the restorations are so many and so obvious that our contention might be taken for proven.
  • The streets are as a rule arcaded, and this characteristic has been preserved in modern additions, which have on the whole been made with considerable taste, as have also the numerous restorations of medieval buildings.
  • On leaving Rouen, Goujon was employed by Pierre Lescot, the celebrated architect of the Louvre, on the restorations of St-Germain l'Auxerrois; the building accounts - some of which for the years1542-1544were discovered by M.
  • The two older accounts, as far as they are given here, may have run somewhat thus: restorations of supposed omissions are given in square brackets [].