Sentence Examples

  • For example, the notion of conflict (7r6Xeµos) as the father of all things and of harmony as arising out of a union of discords, and again of an endeavour by individual things to maintain themselves in permanence against the universal process of destruction and renovation, cannot but remind one of certain fundamental ideas in Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • His chief attribute as a chthonian god was a snake, the symbol of the yearly renovation of the life of nature.
  • There was a poor and weak Jerusalem, its Temple stood in need of renovation, its temple-service was mean, its priests unworthy of their office.
  • These centres of renovation are called imaginal disks or folds.
  • A renovation of the Gallican Church was not the least crying need; and, in view of the confusion of rites (Gallican, Gothic, Roman, Ambrosian) in the Frankish empire, Charlemagne recognized that this innovation could only be effectually carried out by a closer connexion with Rome in ritual as in other matters.

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