Sentence Examples

  • To concentrate, induce and renovate are, however, but aspects of one process of acquisition by the transfusion of a transmissible energy.
  • His views were those of a moderate reformer, who desired to renovate but not to end the institutions of the old monarchy; and his memoirs set forth in a favourable light the actions of that parlement, the existence of which was soon to be terminated amid the political storms of the close of the year 1789.
  • With his own lessons and those patterns, any ruler of his day, who would listen to him, might reform and renovate his own state, and his influence would break forth beyond its limits till the face of the whole kingdom should be filled with a multitudinous relation-keeping, well-fed, happy people.
  • The reformers shook off the yoke of systems in order boldly to renovate both knowledge and faith; and, instead of resting on the abstract a priori principles within which man and nature had been imprisoned, they returned to the ancient methods of observation and analysis.