Loose Sentence Examples

Updated November 4, 2020
Girl writing in a classroom as loose sentence examples

A loose sentence, also called a cumulative sentence, begins with a main clause that is followed by phrases and/or clauses that modify the main clause. These phrases or clauses add information to the main or independent clause.

Loose Sentences: Main Followed by Detail

Here are some loose sentence examples:

  • I went to the movies yesterday, bought candy, and shopped at the mall.
  • He might consider paying the higher fees at a private university, if the teacher/student ratio is small, the teachers are highly qualified, and the job placement rate is high.
  • Florida is a great vacation spot for families, with Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World.
  • I could tell my mother was upset from her tapping foot and her stern expression.
  • The fire alarm went off, making a loud clanging noise, startling everyone, and causing some people to knock over their chairs.
  • The elephants proceeded on their walk, pounding the dry dirt, and swinging their trunks.
  • You can pass all your classes with good study habits and good attendance.
  • The Libertarian had a good showing at the polls, considering she joined the race after the others and had limited funds to spend.
  • The renovated mall is finally opening today, with an ice skating rink and a multiplex theater.
  • Having a clogged air filter on your HVAC system can cost you money in several ways, including repair bills, inefficiency, and dirty air.
  • Wolves are important in a habitat because they control the numbers of elk, which in turn allows trees to mature so they can offer shelter to birds and insects.
  • He decided to major in science, even though he really wanted to study art, philosophy, and religion.
  • Lewis and Clark finally made it to the Pacific coast, after bitter winters and a close call with the Sioux Indians.

    She finally finished her project after many long nights and a lot of hard work.
  • Bill took a day off from work without permission and without telling anyone.
  • The couple soon became very fond of each other, due to his sense of humor and her fun-loving attitude.
  • John made some great discoveries on his archaeological dig, including a piece of pottery and clay tablets.
  • We had a wonderful vacation, seeing Fiji, snorkeling, and staying in a cute bungalow.
  • I like all kinds of music, rhythm and blues, rock, and hip hop.
  • He was offered a sponsorship after winning three gold medals at the Olympics and breaking the existing record for the backstroke.
  • I would gladly give a good tip to a waiter considering he is friendly, the order is accurate, and he checks on me often.
  • The spoiled cat started meowing when he didn't get his treat at the usual time.
  • I spotted a flock of geese flying overhead, honking and making their way to the lake.
  • My car just had a full tune-up with a new air filter, an oil change, and new spark plugs.
  • Her team was victorious, in spite of the weather, and after several injuries.
  • He finally landed his dream job, after hundreds of applications, dozens of interviews, and his willingness to start with a smaller salary and move up.
  • I like everything about this painting, even though I usually don't like this particular artist.
  • Autumn is my favorite time of year, the colors of the leaves, the crisp morning air, and the promise of winter snow.

Now you can better recognize loose sentences in your own writing and in things you read.