Sentence Examples

  • One is for individuals who want to get on the fast track and are clever enough to realize that the way they look impacts their credibility, confidence, etc. For these individuals I do an all day Total Image Makeover workshop.
  • Beginner users can take advantage of its one-click photo enhancement features, and advanced users have professional tools for adding borders, blending photos, adding filters, removing objects, and using photo makeover tools.
  • Makeover programs shows have people believing that this - the makeover and after effects - can happen to them too when in reality only a miniscule fraction of the country's population will actually qualify and participate.
  • Entertainment: There are many games that are based off of television and movies which can include old favorites getting a makeover like Simpson's Clue to new shows like Deal or No Deal, Moment of Truth or Pirate's Dice.
  • For whatever reason you want a makeover for all your under things, before you start spending away, it's a good idea to discover what type of lingerie personality you have before shopping for a new lingerie wardrobe.