Sentence Examples

  • Was whether the mechanical impulsion was a direct effect of the light, or whether the radiation only set up internal stresses, acting in and through the residual air, between the vanes and the walls of the enclosure.
  • If the light exerted direct impulsion on the vanes, their motion would gradually drag the case round after them, by reason of the friction of the residual air in the bulb and of the pivot.
  • In 1879, however, Lecoq de Boisbaudran showed that Mosander's "didymium," contained samarium; while the residual "didymium" after removal of samarium, was split by Auer v.
  • But though we may trace a real affiliation between the principles of Luther and modern German critical study - notably in the doctrines of the Gospel within the Gospel and of the residual Essence of Christianity - Luther's discriminations were in the 17th century ignored in practice.
  • The residual oily liquid is then poured out into a polished iron tray, or into an iron mould to produce the customary form of "sticks," and allowed to cool.

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