Sentence Examples

  • His rapacious hunger built as his fangs began their descent.
  • But she appears to have been passionate, exceedingly rapacious and ever careful of her own interest.
  • They became petty local tyrants, all the more despotic because they had nothing to fear save the distant authority of the kings missi, and the more rapacious because they had no salary save the fines they inflicted and the fees that they contrived to multiply.
  • However cruel and rapacious the Vikings may have been, the work of disorder and ruin was not all theirs.
  • The various species of rapacious animals are disappearing, together with the colonies of marmots; the insectivores are also becoming scarce in consequence of the destruction of insects; while vermin, such as the suslik, or pouched marmot (Spermophilus), and the destructive insects which are a scourge to agriculture, become a real plague.