Sentence Examples

  • Damian and Jonny collect Naturals for their own purposes, mainly to battle each other.
  • The purposes for which I created you are complete.
  • They were different men with different purposes, yet both honorable to the core.
  • The cell was used for two purposes: to give people who had learned Jackson and Sarah's secret time to adjust before being set loose or influenced to forget, and to hold newly turned vampires until they could be trusted to not wipe out the population of a small city.
  • Kris wanted to think that Kiki was the demon trying to drag him into Hell for nefarious purposes.  It was almost easier to swallow than reaching out to help the brother he'd held as his enemy for so long.  And who might've been more able to hold the Council together than Kris.

How would you define purposes? Add your definition here.

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