Sentence Examples

  • For all practical purposes, we have an unlimited supply of air to breathe.
  • And while a few remaining countries didn't get the memo from the Politburo that the Revolution was cancelled due to lack of funds, for all intents and purposes, the defining political struggle of the day had ended.
  • As the powers of the telescope were gradually developed, it was found that the finest hairs or filaments of silk, or the thinnest silver wires that could be drawn, were much too thick for the refined purposes of the astronomer, as p p they entirely obliterated the image of a star in the more powerful telescopes.
  • Good cattle for breeding purposes are being imported from Switzerland and Sicily, and efforts are likewise being made to improve the breed of horses, which are bought mainly for the army.
  • For the purposes of a concordat the state recognizes the official status of the church and of its ministers and tribunals; guarantees it certain privileges; and sometimes binds itself to secure for it subsidies representing compensation for past spoliations.

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