Sentence Examples

  • Apart from these bitter provocations - the prohibition of the sign of the covenant and the desecration of the sacred place - the Jews had a leader who was recognized as Messiah by the rabbi Aqiba.
  • Unfortunately, Venice, for her own safety's sake, insisted on the publication of Wladislaus's antiTurkish alliance; the Porte, well informed of the course of Polish affairs, remained strictly neutral despite the most outrageous provocations; and Wladislaus, bound by his coronation oath not to undertake an offensive war, found himself at the mercy of the diet which, full of consternation and rage, assembled at Warsaw on the 2nd of May 1647.
  • Till the spring of 1565, Mary, despite the insults to her religion and the provocations to herself, had remained attached to " the English course " and to the counsels of Moray and Lethington.
  • The provocations of Talleyrand and England strengthened the illusion: Why should not the Austrians emulate the Spaniards?
  • In spite of opportunities and provocations he never lent himself to treason.

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