Sentence Examples

  • The front prong of the main fork, however, xxi.
  • 5 a curves somewhat forward and again divides at least once; while the hind prong is of great length undivided, and directed backwards in a manner found in no other deer.
  • The antlers are short, upright and deeply furrowed, the beam forking at about two-thirds of its length, and the upper prong again dividing, thus making three points.
  • Thus, if an elastic metal slip or a pig's bristle be attached to one prong of a tuningfork, and if the fork, while in vibration, is moved rapidly over a glass plate coated with lamp-black, the attached style touching the plate lightly, a wavy line will be traced on the plate answering to the vibrations to and fro of the FIG.
  • On one prong of each fork is fixed a small plane mirror.

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