Sentence Examples

  • The latter is about iso m.
  • The prices of slaves in Shira are, a good Habashi girl of twelve to fourteen iso, a good Somal same age, half as much; while a Bombassi is to be got for 14, being chosen merely for physical strength.
  • Potassium benzene iso-diazotate resembles the normal salt, but is more stable, and is more highly ionized.
  • Butane, C 4 H 1 o, exists in the two isomeric forms - normal butane, CH 3 �CH 2 �CH 2 �CH 3, and iso-butane, CH(CH 3) 3.
  • Each of these hydro-carbons gives rise to two alcohols: n-butane gives a primary and a secondary; and iso-butane a primary, when the substitution takes place in one of the methyl groups, and a tertiary, when the hydrogen atom of the: CH group is substituted.

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