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  • Khazaria became the apanage of his eldest son, and the centre of government amongst the eastern subjects of the Hun (448).
  • B 1 Scale, 1:3,000,000 English Miles 0 5 10 20, ,04050 firth ramond' f Forth 56 Roman Names Durobrivae Modern Names Lincoln, Rochester Uplands, over 600 feet Forests ?- - u Marshes 55 ester Hun Roads Military Stations * Civil Sites.
  • The Greek monk Cosmas Indicopleustes, who visited India about 530, describes the ruler of the country, whom he calls Gollas, as a White Hun king, who exacted an oppressive tribute with the help of a large army of cavalry and war elephants.
  • - Mukden, or as it is called by the Chinese Sheng-king, the capital city of Manchuria, is situated in the province of Sheng-king, occupies a fine position on the river Hun-ho, an affluent of the Liao, and is a city of considerable pretensions.
  • The plain of Chih-li is formed principally by detritus deposited by the Pei-ho and its tributary the Hun-ho ("muddy river"), otherwise known as the Yungting-ko, and other streams having their sources in mountains of Shan-si and other ranges.

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